Animal escape - Wildlife

To encourage participants to think about animal features, lifestyles and adaptations.
How it works: 

Form two equal teams asking each to choose an animal that lives in the park.

Each team should write down clues about their chosen animal on their cards and organise them from general clues (e.g. I have fur) to specific clues (e.g. I only eat eucalypt leaves). Line up each team facing each other across a line. Ten metres or so, behind each team, draw another line to mark ‘home’.

Members of each team then read out clues alternately, starting with general clues and becoming more specific. As one team gives a clue, the other tries to guess the animal. If they guess right, the other team tells them so and the ‘askers’ race for home with the guessers’ chasing them.

What you'll need: 
Pencils, blank cards for each team to write on (depending on age and capabilities).
Group size: