Barking up the wrong tree

Eucalyptus bark
To encourage people to use touch to sense the texture of trees without the use of sight. Makes them think more about differences and why this is important.
How it works: 

While blindfolded, participants are led to one or more trees to feel them for a short time - what does the bark feel like, how wide/tall is the tree, what is growing around the base of the tree and what does the ground feel like (sand, rocks, sticks etc). The participant is then led back to the starting point and the blindfold is removed. Can the players recognise the tree?

To add difficulty spin the blindfolded person and take them on a short journey around the park instead of walking them straight up and back.

Encourage them to feel as much of the texture as possible and to describe this out aloud when they return back to the starting point.

What you'll need: 
Group size: