Bat Moth - Echolocation

Bats navigate using sonar called echolocation. This activity can help illustrate how echolocation works with bats.
How it works: 

Arrange participants into a circle holding hands to form a ‘cave’ or ‘forest’. Because caves and forests are rarely round, large groups may like to shape the circle a little irregularly to add interest.

Select a participant to be the bat and 1-2 moths, or if you have a large group choose more moths. Put a blindfold on the bat.

The bat and moths must remain inside the boundaries of the forest or cave circle. The objective for the bat is to catch (tag) the moths by calling “bat! bat!” and walking around with their arms outstretched. The moths must reply with a loud “moth, moth” immediately after the bat calls. If the bat touches the ‘forest’, the participants forming the circle should call “tree! tree!”. When the bat has caught all the moths, choose new bats and moths for the next round.

What you'll need: 
Individuals or pairs of people can also be scattered within the forest and must also call “tree! tree!” if contacted by the bats. This is especially useful if there is a large group.
Group size: 
10+ (best with larger groups)