Belview Loop

4.5km - 2.5 hrs return Grade: Steep (reasonable fitness required)
How it works: 


Start at Lyrebird Track which is a steep climb to Link track. Follow Link track to Belview Terrace. Turning left continue to the bottom of the track and turn left into School Track. This will bring you back to the picnic ground near where you started the walk.

Belview Terrace passes through open Shrubby Foothill and Grassy Dry Forest. You will notice cleared areas on both sides of the track – these are known as “slash breaks” and were created following the 1968 wildfires which burnt significant areas of the hill. These maintain minimal understorey reducing the risk of severe fire and enable easy access for fire vehicles.

Swamp Wallaby, Possums and Gliders frequent this area, together with the Blue-tongue Lizard known to wander the drier slopes. 

What you'll need: 
Water and snacks
First aid kit
Sturdy shoes