Bush Passport

A short simple visual activity to connect students to be a part of the environment
How it works: 

This is a great tool to use at the start of a walk. 

  • Mark a pattern along the veins of each student's palm with a texta.
  • Have all students in a circle and show their special mark to the group. They will notice that each mark is different.
  • Ask them where they think they might find this pattern in the bush.
  • On the walk, remind the students to keep looking for their pattern. When they find it, ask them to share their discovery with other students

Create drama by pretending to be a fortune teller by reading their palm. By rubbing the palm, it shows up the creases better. 

What you'll need: 
Pen or permanent marker
Group size: 
For larger groups have more than one person marking hands to save time