Hollows wanted, dead or alive

To show how hollows in old trees are needed in a forest to provide homes for a range of native animals.
How it works: 

Find an old tree - dead or alive - which has lost several branches.

Take up a position which allows you a clear view of one of the hollows. Set up a viewer so that it focuses on the hollows and secure it in place with string or tape.

Examine the hollow through your viewer and on your card write details of what you can see.

Then answer the following questions:

  • What name would be appropriate for the hollow?
  • How do you think it formed (e.g. by fire, decay, lightning strike, etc.)
  • Are there any signs of animal life around it? What could live in there?
  • Is it a new hollow or well advanced?
  • Discuss the importance of habitat conservation and the problems related with the time it takes hollows to form.

Other issues to introduce may include competition for hollows (follow up with a game of Poor Poss), and the use of artificial shelter boxes

What you'll need: 
Sighting scopes (cardboard tunes)
String, sticky tape, cards and clips
Pens or pencils
Group size: