Letters in the bush

To appreciate natural objects from a different perspective. This activity could be used between stops on a bush walk.
How it works: 

As you walk in nature, you will often see images that remind you of faces and objects.

As a group, search for the patterns in natural objects that look similar to the letters of the alphabet. An easy one to start with is to find an L in a tree.

Ask students to take photos of each letter they find.

Give the activity a finish point such as:

  • when students have spelt a word
  • counted X number of letters
  • or after X amount of time.

When participants have finished, ask each person to show the group their favourite ‘natural’ letter.

What you'll need: 
Optional: camera
Ask participants to sketch the object that reminds them of a particular letter. Students can arrange the photos using word processing or presentation software to spell the word they were searching for. They can then write a short piece on what this word means to them.
Group size: