Listening post

To encourage listening and identification of different sounds
How it works: 

Find a suitable clear area to sit the group down, preferably in an area where you may hear lots of birds.

Ask participants to listen quietly for one minute and to count the number of different sounds that they can hear. The leader calls out when five minutes is up.

  • How many different bird calls did they hear?
  • How many other sounds did they hear?
  • What made these other sounds?

Repeat the activity again, this time asking students to keep their eyes closed. This helps to focus their attention on listening and generally most people will hear more sounds.

Run this activity in a range of different settings to emphasise human and natural noises. This can be used to explain that some animals don't like human noises. This means they need a large area to live in so that there is sufficient buffer from human activities.
Group size: