Lyrebird Loop

4km - 2 hrs return Grade: Steep (reasonable fitness required)
How it works: 

Lyrebird Track is a steep climb up to the One Tree Hill Picnic area. From there continue down Ramu Avenue, turning left into Link Track and then right, back down Lyrebird Track to the picnic ground.

These tracks pass through remnant Cool Temperate Rainforest and Wet Forest. Sooty Owls have been sighted and heard in this area, sounding their mating call in the early evening. A small population of Superb Lyrebird inhabit the wet forest and are often heard and seen scratching by the side of the track searching for a meal.

Link Track provides a welcome relief during the warmer weather where some plants interlink overhead to provide shade. This corridor is a favourite spot for Goulds Wattle and Chocolate Wattle Bats; in the evenings they can be seen flying and catching insects, moths and beetles. 

What you'll need: 
Water and snacks
First aid kit
Sturdy shoes