Matt, Matt the feral cat

To demonstrate the impacts of feral cat predation. This can be changed to other introduced predators such as foxes or dogs.
How it works: 

Put players into pairs and ask them to select a native nocturnal animal they wish to represent. One at a time each pair demonstrates their call and movement (e.g. hopping) to the rest of the group.

Pairs should be blindfolded, split up and disorientated before the commencement of the game. 

One or more ‘Matts’ (depending on group size should be introduced and also blindfolded). Matt has to shout “Matt, Matt the feral cat!” before each step taken. Matt kills his/her prey by placing a hand on the player. Players are only safe when they have located their mate.

This activity provides opportunities to discuss many issues:

  • Which animals were killed first?
  • Which survived the longest?
  • What are the features of these animals that contribute to this situation?

The issue of feral animal predation should be the focus of this activity and could incorporate relevant statistics as well as the importance of responsible pet ownership. Further cat related problems such as the displacement of species such as quolls, and the transmission of diseases, for example toxoplasmosis, could also be discussed. 

What you'll need: 
Group size: