"Sharing Nature with Children" - Camera Game

Camera Game
Sharing Nature with Children - Camera Game
How it works: 


"Sharing Nature with Children" activities are effective ways to stimulate awareness and sensitivity to our natural surroundings.


The 'Camera Game' has children working in pairs. One child is the 'camera' the other is the 'photographer'.

The photographer leads the camera, who has their eyes closed, to an interesting scene. The photographer places the camera in the best place to capture the shot. When the photographer double taps the camera on the shoulder, the camera opens their eyes. They close their eyes when the photographer taps them on the shoulder again.

The children take it in turns to have a go at being both the camera and the photographer. They share their experiences, first in their pair and afterwards with the group.

Check out the short video clip in the video section.


Group size: 
Any size