Park info

This section provides heaps of information to help you learn more about the Dandenong Ranges National Park. Find out about:

  • the animals and plants: nature conservation, geology, rivers, vegetation, threatened plants and animals, forest types
  • Maps: FTG mud map with alpha-numeric grid, contour maps, visitor & recreational map, Vitoria's national parks map, management maps
  • Park Heritage: Indigenous history, European history, national park history
  • Park Management: cultural history, park management zones, why we have national parks, park visitors, nature conservation, community engagement (volunteers), adjacent land use (park boundary), park management plan (includes a link to it)
  • Park Users & Visitor Guides: bushwalking guides, recreational activities, minimal impact guidelines, picnic grounds
  • Safety in the Park: current information on park conditions, group size limits, safety starts with good planning, minimal impact guidelines