Community engagement

Junior Rangers activity in DRNP

Parks Victoria must raise awareness of the park’s importance to help the community develop a sense of ownership for the park and to be involved in supporting park management.

The park has twenty Friends Groups who volunteer their time to improve the park by weeding and monitoring wildlife. They keep the rangers informed on what they are doing in the park, they are enthusiastic and provide knowledge and skills that benefit the park. Parks Victoria encourages and supports these groups with financial grants, training, equipment and technical advice.

The park offers an Education Program and school holiday program called Junior Rangers to help people learn more about the park.

Parks Victoria promotes issues and achievements in local and state-wide newspapers and has a well detailed website.

Strategies to improve community awareness and engagement are:

  • Deliver school education programs and guided walks and talks through the Junior Ranger Program
  • Keep the website relevant and up to date
  • Participate in community activities when it could raise awareness
  • Support new and existing Friends Groups to be active in the park