Park management plan

Satellite map of DRNP

Dandenong Ranges National Park (3,540 ha) protects four main areas of forest and woodland along the main ridge and slopes of the Dandenong Ranges. These 4 areas form the bulk of the national park and smaller strips or corridors of land work to connect all parts of the park together. Refer to the DRNP Sat Photo with boundary to view the national park.

The Dandenong Ranges National Park has a complex history of land management. It involves the original custodians, the Wurundjeri people, is a much loved destination for recreation and today is visited by 2 million people. There are opportunities for picnicking, walking, jogging, studying nature, horse riding, cycling, hang gliding and appreciating the natural environment.

The Management Plan sets out a vision, aims and strategies for future good management.

The key points are outlined below:

  • Remove pest plants and repair damaged habitats
  • Control feral animals and wandering domestic pets
  • Monitor lyrebird population
  • Protect Indigenous places and objects, and conserve and protect post-settlement places and relics
  • Provide for a wide range of recreational activities that do not damage the park
  • Provide public information and education programs
  • Encourage and support community groups and volunteers working in the park and for them to work together with Parks Victoria
  • Work with other land managers to help protect the park, such as Yarra Ranges Council, Melbourne Water, Country Fire Authority and the Department of Environment and Primary Industry