Park management zones

DRNP management zones

There are four management zones in the national park that clearly state how the park can be used and what development activities can happen.

It is an important planning tool that can guide park management now and in the future.


Area / Location

What is important there

Management Aim


2,189 ha;

62% of the park

Large areas that have fragile natural environments or ecosystems

Protect sensitive natural environments; allow minimal impact recreation;  provide simple visitor facilities; minimal interference with nature

Conservation & Recreation

1,314 ha;

37% of the park

Important natural areas with opportunity for recreation

Protect less sensitive natural environments; allow sustainable spread-out recreation and some visitor facilities

Recreation Development

26 ha;

<1% of the park

The site has major facility development in a natural setting

The main purpose is to provide lots of facilities for recreation and visitor information/education so that lots of people can be there at the same time



<1% of the park

An area easy to get to that has a variety of environments that can cope with some disturbance by educational activities

Provides environmental education in a natural setting

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