Plants of the Dandenong Ranges

Eucalyptus Regnans - Sherbrooke (CC-BY Wikimedia: Melburnian)

The plant communities in the park are the remains of the original vegetation that has shrunk in size over the last 150 years from land clearing due to the rapid growth of Melbourne's suburbs.

There are six major vegetation communities in which about 400 native plant species occur.

The park is particularly well known for its spectacular Mountain Ash forests and fern gullies.

Other vegetation communities are:

  • Cool temperate rainforest
  • Box Stringybark woodland
  • Riparian forest
  • Mountain Grey Gum -Messmate forest
  • Sclerophyll woodland.

The park supports significant plants such as the Slender Tree-fern and Summer Spider Orchid. Fire plays an important role in the ecology of the vegetation and is an on-going issue for residents of the Ranges.