Threatened plants

Caladenia oenochila (CC-BY Russel Best)

Of the 440 native plant species in the park 20 are listed as threatened in Victoria and 3 are listed under the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act (some are included in the list below).

Logging in the Dandenongs occurred up until the late 1930s. The removal of trees damaged the forest floor, creating erosion and damage to sensitive creek beds. This disturbance to the soil made it difficult for some plants to survive.

The invasion of weeds into the national park from nearby homes and illegal dumping of garden waste has taken over important habitat and prevents some plants from growing.

Fire that is too frequent or not frequent enough can change the structure of forests causing some plants to take over areas of the forest and preventing others from growing. 

Plant Common Name Threatened Status Flora and Fauna Guarantee
  Victoria Australia Listed
Dandenong Ranges Cinnamon Wattle - r -
Summer Spider-orchid - r -
Wine-lip Spider-orchid (Lindley's) K v -
Mountain Bird-orchid - r -
Spurred Helmet-orchid - r -
Slender Tree-fern R v L
Purple Eyebright R v -
Clover Glycine V v L
Elegant Leek-orchid - k -
Fairy Lanterns R v L
  V = vulnerable
R = rare
K = poorly known

v = vulnerable
r = rare
k = poorly known

L = Listed in FFG Act
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